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At O’Halloran Hill Dental we offer quality Dental Fillings for a variety of conditions. From helping restore teeth with decay to repairing broken teeth.

Providing an affordable option for improving the appearance of uneven or crooked teeth.

Our dentists assess the tooth and offer a range of options that best restore the tooth. We want you to feel good about how your teeth look.

We use white composite resin material for fillings which blend in well with the tooth & helps minimize risks of further tooth breakdown. 

We no longer offer amalgam fillings as they cause the teeth to crack as they expand and contract over time.

Our dentists, on examination, will be able to provide you with an informed decision about replacing any old amalgam mercury fillings to prevent further breakdown and help restore your teeth. 

In addition to restoring teeth that have decayed or fractured, composite resin fillings can be used cosmetically to change the size, colour and shape of teeth.

This quality is especially useful in closing gaps between teeth, repairing chipped teeth or making teeth appear straighter and more even.

To book an appointment please call (08) 8381 4113.

Joshua Nitschke
Joshua Nitschke
Friendly expert staff make for as great an experience as possible
Grub Boy
Grub Boy
I can highly recommend Dr Joey. Very easy to speak with and her manner puts you completely at ease. And besides all that she does an excellent job with efficiency and attention to detail...
Arthur Bailey
Arthur Bailey
Yep they are Verry good I have been going there for the past over 30 years and they have only got even better. Fantastic service.
Joe South
Joe South
Dr Joey was fantastic, had a lot of work done but it was painless and very well priced. Highly recommend
arjun tokhi
arjun tokhi
Thank you again for making my dental appointment stress free. Very friendly staff, on time which is a nice change to previous dental experiences. If your looking for a dental clinic down south try OHdental
Joanna Pessios
Joanna Pessios
Friendly staff, easy parking, great dentist. Highly recommend them.
Andrew Kampes
Andrew Kampes
Had a fall and had serious damage to upper jaw and front teeth Dr Evan Jones is a magician and the cost was incredibly reasonable. Cannot recommend this dentist enough they made it almost a pleasure having most of my front teeth broken. Thank you DR. Jones
Greg L
Greg L
I am so grateful for the caring, friendly service provided by all of the staff at this clinic. I have previously recommended them to friends/family and will continue to do so.

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Frequently asked questions about dental fillings in Adelaide

The grooves or fissure in your teeth can be so fine that the bristles of your toothbrush cannot reach the bottom of them.

The bottom of these grooves can accumulate small particles of food, this food then feeds the bacteria that live at the bottom of the grooves and cause cavities.

Fissure seals fill and seal the groove in our teeth so that food and bacteria cannot reach the bottom anymore.

Fissure seals protect your teeth from dental decay.

In the long term fissure seals will protect you from needing fillings, and the cost of those fillings.

By avoiding dental fillings the survival of your tooth is much greater than a tooth that has had previous cavities.

Composite fillings use strong, durable resin to fill cavities and repair cracks or fractures in teeth.

Unlike amalgam (silver) fillings, composite fillings offer a tighter fit than these older dental filling materials, and are aesthetically-pleasing because they are the color of your natural teeth.

Much like the dental bonding, this really comes down to a few factors:

  • the size of the cavity
  • your oral hygiene & maintenance
  • diet
  • regular dental appointments 
  • flossing

If you follow all of the above then you will extend the life but the average is around 10 years.

Dental fillings can take as long as an hour. But this depends on the size of the filling, the numbers of fillings required & the location. But 1 hour is the maximum time required to get a filling.

There is not really a limit to how many fillings can be done at 1 time.

The biggest limit to how many cavities a patient can get done in one sitting depends on a variety of factors such as:

How long can you be at the dentist?
Do you have any time constraints?
Can you hold your mouth open for an extended period of time?
It also depends on how much anesthetic our dentists can administer safely.

But whether you need one filling, three fillings, or ten, our dental team can assist you.

Unlike amalgam fillings, composite dental fillings allow patients to eat right after getting the procedure.
However, it is recommend that patients only resume eating after the local anesthetic wears off. It can be quite difficult to eat when your lips and mouth are numb!

We also recommend no hard candy or other very hard foods straight away.

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