sleep dentistry O'Halloran HillAt O’Halloran Hill Dental we understand visiting the dentist can sometimes be difficult based on previous experiences.

We know some patients feel extremely nervous and anxious about dental treatment and that is okay.

However this does not mean you have to have an uncomfortable experience.

We strongly believe everyone should be able to receive the treatment they require to ensure their healthiest and brightest smile. So for those who are a little nervous when thinking about the dentist, we are able to offer a range of sedation options to make your visit more comfortable.

How Is Sleep Dentistry Performed

Tablets such as Valium can be prescribed which are taken before a dental appointment to calm you down.  We also offer ‘happy gas’ or ‘laughing gas’ for mild to moderate levels of anxiety. For extremely nervous patients, we use qualified anaesthetists to administer Intravenous sedation, otherwise known as IV Sedation or ‘Twilight’.

Where is the sleep dentistry work done?

This means all treatment is still performed in the dental surgery but you virtually have no memory of it. We also offer treatment under General Anaesthetic at the Flinders Private Hospital, which is day surgery, and is suitable for cases involving surgery.

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